Shanghai senying Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a production, research and development in scale, specialization, local external rotor motor ventilation equipment manufacturing enterprises, Our company mainly produces commercial, industrial and civil air machine and ancillary products and accessories, products include: household air purifier fan, household air purification machine, a fan, centrifugal fan, axial fan, jet fan, box fan, fan, high temperature smoke exhaust fan fire, flower type fan, roof fan, high-pressure fan, exhaust fan, muffler, product specifications can meet all kinds of project requirements, product standards and technical specifications in accordance with national international. Our company ventilation products, have been widely used in hotels, residential, shopping malls, office buildings, cultural and sports facilities, municipal, machinery, automobile, electronics, tobacco, chemical, steel, medical, ship, subway, tunnel and other industries, and all kinds of important construction projects designated as ventilation equipment selected brands. At the same time, our company also in East China dozens of air conditioning manufacturers to provide wind turbine products. ....  
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